Sexy boy got in troubles with kinky gangster

Richie – a young guy with money. He was dominated by local gangster Hector who robbed him and took to the remote area in forest.

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Hectors wish was to humiliate a rich guy, he decided to give him a lesson that money doesn’t make one a king. He took the guy out of car and pushed on the ground. Hector took boys money and with golf club started to push them into his mouth. Then he tied boys hands, put a plastic bag with sucking hole on his head and started to fuck a rich guy into the mouth.


Rich boy got tied and dominated by local gangster

Some guys are more lucky than others. Some struggling all the time to get money for the food, while others live brilliant luxury life just by taking money from their family.

rich boy got in trouble
sexy guy got tied by gangster
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Richies job is to be a son, he enjoys life and having tons of free time when he is able to do whatever he wants. Hector is a local gangster. He have no family and all his life he is risking and fighting hard to have his place under the sun. He got pissed off about Richie and decided to show him that money cannot make one a king of the situation. This huge muscle guy caught sexy Richie after his golf session. Now this golden boy is helpless and have nothing to protect himself. Lets see what will gonna happen next.


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Don’t stop yourself from witnessing all the stuff that is taking place in this male fetish action or you risk losing a lot of unforgettable positive impressions! Oh, you would certainly become aroused looking at everything what master does with his pretty enslaved boyfriend that can’t imagine his life without being punished and fucked hard. Now is the time for you to take a glance at how he is getting backdoor hole dildoed while metallic clamps are squeezing his balls. The slave is tied up by dominant man in the beginning of this male bondage scene and then he starts moaning and coiling from painful pleasure he gets from feeling big sex toys into his anal hole getting his balls tortured too. Why wouldn’t you see all of this stuff?


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Innocent car mechanic got owned like a cheap slut

Deep and wild ass fucking for this young guy was going on already for a quite long time. And during this time cute car mechanic changed his moaning sounds into something more pleasurable. Seems like he even started to enjoy this painful feelings of his ass being filled with cock.

innocent boy got tied and fucked hard

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The master did his best and was fucking him with passion and wrath. When he was ready he covered all the face of young mechanic with hot jizz. Then he ordered to his victim to jerk-off, and helped him by giving a tasty blowjob.


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Stop looking for some other male fetish scenes because everything what you were looking for such a long time is right here, right before you! And now you should just forget about all of your problems and stop all of your businesses seeing all the stuff that is taking place here where horny enslaved gay fellow gets painful punishment from his not less sex appeal and kinky boyfriend in this male bondage gallery! The very first thing master does – is tying up hands and legs of slave fellow enjoying from the view of his delights in the same moment. He puts gag in his mouth and blindfolds eyes before putting special devices on balls of slave and stroking his big piece of meat so well! See this gay kink scene from the start till the end now!


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